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June 20, 2023                                 




Megan Segre “Strength and Fragility” Opens at Tides Converge, San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO — Artist Megan Segre opened her latest gallery showing at The Tides Converge, The Presidio, 1012 Torney Avenue, San Francisco. Segre’s exhibition is in The Seed Gallery and is open now through 8/31/2023, M-F, 8 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. and by appointment.


Segre’s “Strength and Fragility” exhibition illuminates misinformation, misperceptions and realities surrounding issues and challenges of the unhoused. Through exploring how art and social issues are commingled, Segre creates a visual language that presents the issue of homelessness with compassion and empathy.


Segre stated, “Through viewing and exploring my “Strength and Fragility” exhibition, I hope to establish a one-to-one connection with each person and help them develop an even deeper sensitivity to and awareness of the issues surrounding homelessness.”


Segre combines her two passions, fine art and social activism, into one poignant and direct artistic endeavor through “Strength and Fragility.” As a community activist in San Francisco and London, Segre has worked with the unhoused through sewing groups that provide mending services for the growing homeless population. Currently she is working with asylum seekers and other marginalized communities in London. Segre reflects her personal translation and understanding of societal needs through her work. Segre’s use of dissimilar materials present and question their own physicality and investigate how we are all connected.


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Media: Kathlene Simmons,, 1-214-263-3687

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