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Megan Stefanki Segre/

Megan Segre is an American visual artist based in London since 2021. Segre explores how art and social issues are co-mingled in sculpture to create a visual language of compassion and empathy.

Segre’s studio practice examines the human condition. She shapes and stitches forms together exploring how materiality communicates emotions. Her sculptural coats embody memories, offer warmth and comfort, and reveal our depth of care. Using insulation foam and textile fibres that deteriorate over time, Segre exposes the thin veil between strength and fragility. Her threaded sculptures highlight the layers of complexity that make up who we are. Segre’s varied coats are a metaphor for humanity.

Segre’s social practice includes mending as a fundamental part of building community within marginalized communities from the unhoused in San Francisco to asylum seekers in the UK. Segre seeks to encourage and inspire viewers to reach beyond their comfort zone and recognize humanity as a way to see others with larger needs than our own. Artists Magdalena Abakanowicz’s, Eva Hesse’s, and Louise Bourgeois’ unrelenting curiosities and courageous approaches to art making has inspired her ‘to do, to undo, and redo” both in her art and social practice. Segre’s work doesn’t offer solutions but it begs questions and aims to present pathways to deeper understandings and compassion.


Recently Segre has reconnected with her Ukrainian roots by collaborating with Ukrainian artist Krystina Gaidamaka celebrating the traditional arts of the Ukraine while bringing attention to the Ukraine’s citizenry’s current trauma.

Megan Stefanki Segre
West London Art Factory, 153 Dukes Road, London W3 0SL
Cell: +44 (0)7 305434396
Instagram @megansegre


MFA Sculpture 2016-2018 - Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, USA
AA Studio Arts 2015 - Santa Rosa Jr. College, CA, Deans Highest Honours USA
BA Political Science 1982 - University of California at Los Angeles, CA, USA



June 2023 - Strength and Fragility Exhibition, The Presidio, San Francisco, USA


April 2020 - Facing Contemporary Issues, On-Line Exhibition Art Ambassador US
November 2019 - Fresh Art, Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael, CA USA
November 2019 - Art & Activism, San Francisco Women’s Artist Gallery, CA USA
August 2019 - Alumni Exhibition, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, PA USA
August 2018 – Far from Home, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, PA
June 2018 – Come Play, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Broad St. Gallery, PA
June 2017 - Pre-Judices, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition, PA
March 2016 - Petaluma Arts Centre Members Exhibition, Petaluma, CA
January 2016 - You Have a Voice, Third Street Village Gallery, San Francisco, CA
January 2015 – Small Work, Big Deal, Sebastopol Arts Centre, Sebastopol, CA
December 2015 – Petaluma Arts Centre Members Exhibition, Petaluma, CA
Spring 2015 – CCACA Ceramics Exhibition, University of Davis, Davis, CA
Spring 2015 - Santa Rosa Jr. College Student Exhibition, Santa Rosa, CA
October 2009 - Repo, Sonoma Arts Guild, Sonoma, CA

Curatorial Projects

2019 - The Common Thread, CA Institute of Integral Studies, SF, USA 
2018 - Art Away from Home, The Swim Gallery, SF, USA 
2001-2004 - Art Rewards the Student, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Sonoma CA 



Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts USA
2018 O’Neill/Ruben Graduate Thesis Award

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts USA
2018 Kathleen ‘Bunkey’ Frame Memorial Community Award

Santa Rosa Junior College USA
2015 Art Merit Scholarship

Santa Rosa Junior College USA
2015 Riley Street Art Award


September 2021/2022/2023 - West London Art Factory, UK
October 2019/2017 - Art Span, Open Studio, USA
March 2016 – San Francisco Mission, Open Studio, USA


2016-2017 –Proximity Arts Student Blog, Asst. Editor/Writer, Pennsylvania, USA

2001-2011 - Sonoma Valley Museum of Art (SVMA), Sonoma, USA 
Founder and Chair of Student ARTS Program serving nearly 1,000 students. Responsibilities included: Managing committee of 12, hiring professional artists, developing arts curriculum for children aged 10-18, fundraising of $135,000, and coordinating 50 volunteers. 

2001-2004 – SVMA Board Member 
2005-2008 – SVMA Advisory Committee Member 
2001-2011 – SVMA Docent 

2009-2011 - Di Rosa Contemporary Museum of Art, Napa, USA 
Worked as Education Intern and promoted art education opportunities for Bay Area educators, recruited teens for Peer-to-Peer docent program and conducted Visual Thinking Strategy training seminars for docents.

2009-2011- Di Rosa Contemporary Museum of Art Docent

2005-2006 – Sonoma Valley Unified School District, Sonoma, USA 
Founder and Co-Chair of Love Our Libraries. Raised $250,000 for school libraries.  Conducted Grant Writing Seminar for middle school and high school teachers.  



June 20, 2023                             


Megan Segre “Strength and Fragility” Opens at Tides Converge, San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO — Artist Megan Segre opened her latest gallery showing at The Tides Converge, The Presidio, 1012 Torney Avenue, San Francisco. Segre’s exhibition is in The Seed Gallery and is open now through 8/31/2023, M-F, 8 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. and by appointment.


Segre’s “Strength and Fragility” exhibition illuminates misinformation, misperceptions and realities surrounding issues and challenges of the unhoused. Through exploring how art and social issues are commingled, Segre creates a visual language that presents the issue of homelessness with compassion and empathy.


Segre stated, “Through viewing and exploring my “Strength and Fragility” exhibition, I hope to establish a one-to-one connection with each person and help them develop an even deeper sensitivity to and awareness of the issues surrounding homelessness.”


Segre combines her two passions, fine art and social activism, into one poignant and direct artistic endeavor through “Strength and Fragility.” As a community activist in San Francisco and London, Segre has worked with the unhoused through sewing groups that provide mending services for the growing homeless population. Currently she is working with asylum seekers and other marginalized communities in London. Segre reflects her personal translation and understanding of societal needs through her work. Segre’s use of dissimilar materials present and question their own physicality and investigate how we are all connected.


To read more about Megan Segre visit


Media: Kathlene Simmons,, 1-214-263-3687

Recently relocated from San Fancisco to London,

I investigate social issues and especially 


from a deeply personal and public perspective.

Having witnessed the homelessness of a close family member has influenced who I am as a person

and who I have become as an artist. 

My work creates a visual language 

that focuses on presenting

social issues

with compassion and empathy. My process is slow as I rip paper, wrap threads and fill spools. Sculpted, stitched and woven together my art evokes emotions such as fragility, resilience, and loneliness while exploring how regeneration and reconstruction are possible. I seek to both reveal and hide the fragility of human existence.


In 2015, I dedicated myself to full-time


and earned an MFA in Sculpture from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

in 2018. My art studio is now located in the West London Art Factory in the United Kingdom.


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

MFA, 2016-2018


Santa Rosa Junior College, CA

AA Studio Arts, 2009-2015


University of California at Los Angeles, CA

BA Political Science, 1982

paper 2.png


Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Neil/Rubin Graduate Award, August 2018


Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Kathleen ‘Bunkey’ Frame Memorial Award, August 2018


Santa Rosa Junior College Continuing Student

Art Merit Scholarship, Spring 2015


Santa Rosa Junior College

Riley Street Art Award, Spring 2015

other experience

Assistant Editor and writer for Proximity Arts September 2016-May 2017
Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Sonoma, CA, 2001-2011
S.V.M.A. Board Member from 2001-2004.  Founded and Chaired The Arts Rewards the Students Program,

a district-wide, multi-cultural diversity art program for the Sonoma Valley Unified School District

serving eight schools and nearly 1,000 students. 

Di Rosa Contemporary Museum of Art, Napa, CA, 2009-2011

Served in the Education Department at the Di Rosa from 2009-2010. Promoted educational opportunities

and Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) training for Bay Area educators and docents.

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